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Effortlessly manage your Driver's status with a hassle-free realtime status checks in real-time. Saving time and money by eliminating the need for expensive MVR checks.

Automated Notification

Scan Sprint offers automated notifications to alert transportation companies and agencies when a driver's CDL status changes, allowing for quick and efficient action to be taken.

Customizable reporting

With Scan Sprint, transportation companies and agencies can customize their reporting to meet their unique needs, allowing them to track compliance and driver status in a way that works for them.

Integration with existing systems

Scan Sprint can easily integrate with existing transportation management systems, making it easy to incorporate CDL status checks and compliance monitoring into existing workflows.

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Tired of expensive MVRs and outdated driver information? With Scan Sprint, get instant CDL status checks, unlimited checks at a fixed cost, and automated notifications. Customizable reporting and easy integration with existing systems make compliance easy. Contact us today to see Scan Roots in action.

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